COPE Inventory

1  General Information

Instrument TitleCOPE Inventory

The COPE Inventory is a 60-item uni-dimensional questionnaire that was developed to assess a broad range of coping responses, specifically to assess the different ways people respond to stress.

2  History

Author(s):Carver, C. S., Scheier, M. F., Weintraub, J. K.
Year Created:1989

3  Cost

CostNo cost for academic use

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5  Instrument Details

How to access

The COPE Inventory can be downloaded from the author's website:


Sample Question(s)

Sample statements: 

1. I try to grow as a person as a result of the experience.

For each statement, choose one response from following:
1=I usually don't do this at all
2=I usually do this a little bit
3=I usually do this a medium amount
4=I usually do this a lot.

Revision Year
Number of Items60
Mode of Administrationself
Reliability and Validity References
  1. Carver, C. S., Scheier, M. F., & Weintraub, J. K. (1989). Assessing coping strategies: A theoretically based approach. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 56, 267-283.
Example CAM Evaluation References

We have not found any CAM research studies where this outcome measure has been used.

Target Age Groupadult
Target Population

None specified

Time to Administer

10-15 minutes

Time Period Assessed

Present and past


Translations Available

This measure has been translated into the following languages:

French, Spanish.

6  Additional Information

Additional Comments

A 28-item Brief COPE Inventory is available. It can be downloaded from the author's website:

Carver, C. S. (1997).  Consider the Brief COPE. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 4, 92-100.

COPE Inventory

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