Fatigue Symptom Inventory

1  General Information

Instrument TitleFatigue Symptom Inventory

Fatigue Symptom Inventory is a 14-item, uni-dimensional self-report measure that was designed to measure the intensity and duration of fatigue and its impact on quality of life.

2  History

Author(s):Stein, K.D., Jacobsen, P.B., Hann, D.
Year Created:1998

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How to access

The Fatigue Symptom Inventory can be obtained directly from the author, Paul B Jacobsen, at:

jacobsen@moffitt.usf.edu, or www.cas.usf.edu/~jacobsen/


Sample Question(s)

Circle the one number that best indicates how that item applies to you.          
0  (not fatigued at all)
10 (as fatigued as I could be) 

1) Rate your level of fatigue on the day you felt most fatigued during the past week.

5) Rate how much in the past week fatigue interfered with your general level of activity.

Response: a 10-point scale with 0="not at all fatigued" and 10="as fatigued as I could be".

Revision Year
Number of Items13
Mode of Administrationself
Reliability and Validity References
  1. Hann, D.M., Jacobsen, P.B., Azzarello, L.M., Martin, S.C., Curran, S.L., Fields, K.K., Greenberg, H., Lyman, G.  (1998). Measurement of fatigue in cancer patients: development and validation of the Fatigue Symptom Inventory. Quality of Life Research, 7(4), 301-10.
  2. Hann, D.M., Denniston, M.M., Baker, F.  (2000). Measurement of fatigue in cancer patients: further validation of the Fatigue Symptom Inventory. Quality of Life Research, 9(7), 847-54.
Example CAM Evaluation References
  1. Cooley K, Szczurko O, Perri D, Mills EJ, Bernhardt B, Zhou Q, Seely D. (2009) Naturopathic care for anxiety: a randomized controlled trial. PLoS One, 4(8):e6628.
Target Age Groupadult
Target Population

Fatigue, particularly in cancer patients.

Time to Administer

5-10 minutes

Time Period Assessed

Current or past week

Translations Available

We have not found reference of translation of this measure into any other languages.

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Fatigue Symptom Inventory

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