Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills

1  General Information

Instrument TitleKentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills

The Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills is a 39-item, multi-dimensional inventory designed to assess the general tendency to be mindful in daily life and to be understandable to general and clinical populations regardless of meditation experience. Four mindfulness skills are specified:  observing, describing, acting with awareness, and accepting without judgment.

2  History

Author(s):Baer, R.A., Smith, G.T., Allen, K.B.
Year Created:2004

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5  Instrument Details

How to access

To access the measure and scoring information please contact Ruth Baer by e-mail at

Sample Question(s)

Circle the number that best describes your own opinion of what is generally true for you.

I notice changes in my body, such as whether my breathing slows down or speeds up …

Response:  Never or very rarely true, rarely true, sometimes true, often true, very often or always true

Revision Year
Number of Items39
Mode of Administrationself
Reliability and Validity References
  1. Baer RA, Smith GT, Allen KB.  (2004 September). Assessment of Mindfulness by Self-Report: The Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills. Assessment, 11(3), 191-206.
Example CAM Evaluation References
  1. Rapgay L, Bystrisky A. (2009) Classical mindfulness: an introduction to its theory and practice for clinical application. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Aug;1172:148-62.
  2. Tanner MA, Travis F, Gaylord-King C, Haaga DA, Grosswald S, Schneider RH. (2009) The effects of the transcendental meditation program on mindfulness. Journal of Clinical Psychology, Jun;65(6):574-89.
Target Age Groupadult
Target Population

General and clinical populations

Time to Administer

approximately 10 minutes

Time Period Assessed

What is generally true for you

Translations Available

We have not found references regarding translation of this measure into any other language.

6  Additional Information

Additional Comments

The  Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire is a follow-up to the Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills, which is quite similar.

Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills

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