Rotterdam Symptom Checklist

1  General Information

Instrument TitleRotterdam Symptom Checklist

The Rotterdam Symptom Checklist (RSCL) is a 39-item, uni-dimensional tool used to measure symptoms reported by cancer patients participating in clinical research such as physical symptom distress, psychological distress, activity level and overall global life quality.

2  History

Author(s):de Haes, J.C., Olschewski, M., Fayers, P., Visser, M.R.M., Cull, A., Hopwood, P., Sanderman, R.
Year Created:1982

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How to access

The Rotterdam Symptom Checklist can be accessed at the following link:

or by contacting the author directly at

Sample Question(s)

In this questionnaire you will be asked about your symptoms. Would you please, for all symptoms mentioned, indicated to what extent you have been bothered by it, by circling the answer most applicable to you. The questions are related to the past week. 

1) Have you during the past week been bothered by lack of appetite? 

Response: (not at all, a little, quite a bit, very much)

Revision Year
Number of Items39
Mode of Administrationself or interviewer
Reliability and Validity References
  1. De Haes JCJM, Van Knippenberg FCE & Neijt JP. (1990). Measuring psychological and physical distress in cancer patients: structure and application of the Rotterdam Symptom Checklist. British Journal of Cancer, 62,134-138.
  2. Paci E. (1992). Assessment of validity and clinical application of an Italian version of the Rotterdam Symptom Checklist. Quality of Life Researh, 1, 129-134.
  3. Watson M, Law M, Maguire P, Robertson B, Greer S, Bliss JM & Ibbotson T. (1992). Further development of a quality of life measure for cancer patients: the Rotterdam Symptom Checklist (revised). Psycho- Oncology, 1, 135-144.  
Example CAM Evaluation References

We have not found any CAM references for this outcome measure.

Target Age Groupnot specified
Target Population

Cancer patients

Time to Administer

8 minutes

Time Period Assessed

Past week

Translations Available

This measure has been translated into the following languages:

Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Servic, Spanish, Tjecho-Slovene.

6  Additional Information

Additional Comments

For Academic Research:

• The source should be mentioned explicitly (e.g. this manual).
• When work using the is published, it is appreciated that a copy of the publication is sent to Dr. Robbert Sanderman or to Prof. Hanneke de Haes.


Rotterdam Symptom Checklist

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