Ways of Coping Questionnaire

1  General Information

Instrument TitleWays of Coping Questionnaire

The Ways of Coping Questionnaire (WCQ) is a multi-dimensional measure that identifies and measures the processes (thoughts and actions) people use in coping with stressful situations.

2  History

Author(s):Folkman, S., & Lazarus, R.
Year Created:1980

3  Cost

CostYes for CPP/Mind Garden version; No for public domain version

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5  Instrument Details

How to access

The Ways of Coping Questionnaire that was revised in 1985 is in the public domain and you do not need special permission to use it. This version can be accessed from


In 1988 the Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) made minor modifications to a few items. This version is copyrighted and has since been purchased by Mind Garden. Permission is required from Mind Garden to use this version or their scoring service. www.mindgarden.com.

Mind Garden Inc.
1690 Woodside Road
Suite 202
Redwood City, CA
94061  USA

Sample Question(s)

Just concentrated on what I had to do next - the next step.

(4-point Likert: not applicable/not used, somewhat, quite a bit, great deal)

Revision Year


Number of Items66 (CPP) /67 (Public domain)
Mode of Administrationself
Reliability and Validity References
  1. Folkman S, Lazarus RS. (1988). Manual for the Ways of Coping Questionnaire. Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologists Press.
  2. Bouchard G, Sabourin S, Lussier Y, Wright J, Richer C. (1997). Testing the theoretical models underlying the Ways of Coping Questionnaire with couples. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 59(2), 409-418.
  3. Edwards JR, O'Neill RM. (1998). The construct validity of scores on the Ways of Coping Questionnaire: confirmatory analysis of alternative factor structures. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 58(6), 955-983.
Example CAM Evaluation References

This outcome measure has not been used in any CAM research studies.

Target Age Groupadult
Target Population

High school students and adults

Time to Administer

10 minutes

Time Period Assessed

Not specified

Translations Available

This measure has been translated into the following languages:

Finnish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish.

6  Additional Information

Additional Comments

Additional References:

  1. Folkman S, Lazarus RS. (1980). An analysis of coping in a middle-aged community sample. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 21(3), 219-239.

Ways of Coping Questionnaire

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